Medieval paintings of Polonnaruwa

Tivanka Image House
Pulligoda and Danigala painting. 

Vidhyadara cave Galvihara
Jaya Mahavihara

Aim of the tour- To visit some selected temple painting sites in Polonnaruwa.
What you need- A pair of sandals, a pair of sunglasses, A hat and plenty of water.
Ideal for- People interest in Painting and medieval art, History and Buddhism. 
Sigiriya painting are world famous due to many reasons. Master brush strokes and the technique involved, color selection and the subject matter are few to mentioned. According to some art critiques, paintings of Polonnaruwa also belong to the same master tradition. But the attention it deserves is not received  as not many people are aware of the Polonnaruwa painting. Thivanka image house is in the school text books but the location of this site is away from all the other popular sites.
In Sri Lanka all almost all the Buddhist villages we find a temple and, in every temple, there is an image house. As a rule, all the interior walls of these image house are painted with key incident of Buddha’s life and his reincarnation stories. 
This is the reason for concentration of painting to Buddhist temple of the village.